Mons - Maisières

Le Maisières

An entirely redeveloped site
combining comfort and a good quality of life for the best in apartment home living. 

Résidence Redwood

The progressive development of 3 residences.

The project’s characteristics:

High-quality turnkey projects with no surprise pricing. Green and peaceful surroundings, that inspires a sense of serenity, and pleasant neighbourhood to live in.

Each apartment has all of the following amenities:

Adress: Rue grande B-7020 Maisières

Daily life is made much easier because of the proximity of shops and other places of interest.
Immediate access to all the main roads increases mobility.

Plenty of options

three residential projects - different types of apartments
Phase 1
Phase 2 :
Redwood Residence
1 to 3 bedroom apartments with terrace
Floor Plans and Prices


Investing in Le Maisières

Investing in real estate, which is a real safe haven, offers financial security because you enjoy a stable income and get a good return on your investment, which is much higher than the current bank interest rates. At the same time, real estate also creates more housing opportunities on the rental market, where demand for property continues to rise.

Investing in new real estate means benefiting from several advantages, including the guarantee of a quality, sustainable and energy-efficient property, which caters to the demands of any good tenant.

The investment is made up of two elements: the rental return - which is calculated based on the rental price and the buying price - as well as the capital gain after resale.

Example based on Apartment E11 for a price of €160,000
with a cellar storage and a parking space for €18,000

On the firth floor,
85 sq.m. and 8-sq.m. terrace


Sales price 178,000 €
VAT (21%) 32,797 €
Stamp duty 2,728 €
Grid connection 4,840 €
Notary fees +/- 5,000 €
Total, all costs included +/- 223,400 €

Calculated base on an estimated rent of €850/month during 1 year.


The capital gain is the apartment’s estimated value increase over a one-year period.


INRED is the sales office for the “Le Maisières” project.
Our agency, which specialises in new real estate, aims to provide a comprehensive service to its customers, which combines quality with proximity.